Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Current Events in Eel's Life

Been over a month since I last posted a blog, and I think that can be accounted for lack of interest. I just don't think I have anything that pertinant to say. In an earlier posting, I mentioned the purpose of the blog was for me to write for myself, to just jot down ideas or experiences or whatnot. And I believed that. At least, I told myself that.
Honestly, though, I was secretly hoping for feedback as well, and since my blogs had had such poor feedback, I figured, why bother? I can talk to myself all day long and not have to worry about punctuation. So I kind of just left it alone, gathering cobwebs and being a blobby thing that requested love and attention. Which it didn't get, so has become this neglected little plant in a small terra cotta pot sitting on a sill somewhere with brown crispy leaves.
So what do I say has been going on? I did that Make Him Over hunt and increased my inventory by 2,000 items! omg, and its all becasue of the packing amterial (The LM's and notecards), most of which ought to be just pitched. I fought a bout of depression, a small one, which only lasted a week. I avoided friends and get-togethers, and at one point was about ready to completely clear my entire friends list. I posed for a picture book about a centaur and a mermaid falling in love, and was rewarded with a beautiful new centaur skin, Palomino, thanks to Annabelle Fanshaw. That brings me up to six centaur avs I have.
My commitment to Opacus was tried, and good news! I passed. I was so worried that I was being unfaithful to him, when first I got into a heavy petting session with a friend, and then later started some heavy flirting with a new satyr (new to me, that is..) I won't mention his name, out of respect, and the result was for me to really look hard at my values and commitments. The new satyr and I are still friends, though we clearly established a platonic relationship. I talked to Opacus about it, and he said that it was ok if I wanted to flirt and stuff, since he does that as part of his rpping in Avilion, as long as I stayed true to my real feelings.
I'm so lucky to be with him.
What else? I set up some of my art in my windmill for display. I'm thinking of making it into an art gallery, with a ghostly chance of getting other artists to display, but I think if I do that, I would have to redesign the building for space. Plus I met someone who does this thing called.... oh hell, what did he call it? Third hand art projects? Is basically like a round robin writing exercise I used to do with friends (One person starts writing a story, the next person adds to it, a third person adds to that, and so forth) The art exercise would be with drawings instead. Sounds like fun, I'm interested in trying it. I do worry a bit about ownership, but not too much.
Don't really have much more to say.. in fact am kinda surprised I said anything at all here, as I started the blog lamenting that I don't have anything to write. So, that's about it for blogging.


Rammy said...

Good grief - you don't think people are reading your blogs???? Of course we do - we may not leave a comment every time but we do read. Well as you can now tell I read this!

SpAnKi said...

yea, i always read too, althou i rarely comment on blog entries, not becuz im not interested but becuz i duno, sometimes i think everybody dont need to hear wat i think about everything every minute of every day hehe. but seriously, yours is one of the most interesting blogs out there, so pls dont stop! was nice to see an entry from you

Leigh Eel said...

Thank you both for commenting. I didn't know what to say in a short comment space, so a posted another blog entry. I must constantly be humbled from my own thoughts.