Monday, May 11, 2009

SL AIDS quilt needs contributions

There is an AIDS quilt being put together. If you are interested in creating a panel for it, send JoshBear Sojourner a 2m x 2m x 1m all mods panel with a limit of 12 prims and he will happily add it. I made one, and Ricardito made one, and Rammy is working on one. The Quilt will be laying horizontal, but if you want to add some 3d to it, that's acceptable.

I went online and told Joshbear that I was going to blog it. so he gave me all the information.. which I will paste here (you can receive thes instructions by clicking on one of the large red cones in the area):

Here's what you've all been wanting... the details on how to make a panel for the AIDS Memorial Quilt!
First off, let yourself be creative. I found that making a panel was good therapy for me, and a nice way to get in touch with my feelings for my friend the panel was for. Don't worry about people judging your work (unless you really want to).
Second, the panel should say the name of the person somewhere. It's not a hard requirement, but that's sort of what the whole thing is about. You can also put the name of the person in the object's name, and write a little something in the description too.
There are two main ways to make a panel. One, make an image in Photoshop or GIMP or whatever you use for textures. Upload the image and put it on the top face of a flattened cube. That's it, you're done. The other way is to use the build tools to construct a panel in 3D.
Now, the details...
1) PG only. Please don't make panels that could only be displayed in a Mature sim. 2) Panels can use up to 12 prims. They must be linked together. The root prim should be the base or frame of the panel. 3) Maximum size is X:2m, Y:2m, Z:1m. (If you go over a little in height that's ok, we just don't want things to tower over other panels.) 4) No scripts(notecard giveror one rotation ok), particles, animations, spinners, etc. LIMIT 1 SLUPTIE..NO GLOW 5) VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!Set permissions to copy/mod/trans. (Check all three boxes under Next Owner Can in the edit window.) 6) You can put a notecard in the object. We'll add a script to display the notecard when the panel is clicked. You can use the notecard to say something about your friend, write a poem, anything you like really. If you do, say "click for notecard" in the description.
When you are done, give the panel to me,Jase Byrne (drop on my av or profile).
Peace and brownies all!

Also the LM: Rainbow Fountain Estate, Hiaka (61, 158, 24) (I'm hoping this will take you there, I've never posted a SL link on internet before. if not, there are the coordinates.. I can give you a LM if you are interested.. go ahead and IM me)

This is JoshBear's home sim. He is generously using his place for this, and if you want to create a panel and need some place to do so, you can do it in the area. He says the quilt will be at Pride. On Hiaka there are some examples from years past. (Which I took a couple pics of). Also on his sim is a gay memorial and a gay history museum "on the hill" and also a shopping area, as well as his home (across the river).

I spent some time there tonight, and I thought it was worthy to spread the information.

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Ok the link didn't work.. by the coordinates are there.