Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Goldman and Wolf

Happy beautiful day in April! The weather is just absolutely perfect here in the Bullseye of America. School is almost over for the kiddoes, and my son will be finishing up both elementary school and Cub Scouts this May. I've reached a good place with my work. I'm pretty comfortable with myself, even if I bemoan every once in a while. I've one little stitch right now.

Last Tuesday, like a sleeping Nordic god, Eyjafjallajokull erupted with a plume of ash and smoke that reached heights of 6 km, and stopped all air traffic to and from Northern Europe.

"So what?" I hear you say, and I noticed that you said it pretty non- caringly, I might add. "You live in Oklahoma, and the weather is 'absolutely perfect', dipshit."

Ok, so maybe you didn't call me dipshit, but at this point it still plays with my roundabout way of getting to a point.

This was also a week that my wife took a personal vacation to Paris.
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," I hear you realize, "ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. (dipshit)."

She was supposed to return Sunday day, but that was a no-go. CDG airport had cancelled all flights. So I spent the majority of my day on the phone with Expedia and Delta trying to figure out how to get her back so she could get to work on Tuesday. The best they could do was rebook her flight for this next Thursday (In two days at this writing.) at no extra cost. Once that was taken care of, I told her, "hey, go have fun. might as well." She got to stay in the hotel for the extra days. I called her work and told them what was going on. the only real expenses would be the extra hotel days and her daily expenses.

If you're gonna be stranded somewhere, it might as well be Paris.

So. In a way I got extra SL time. On the login page, if you have BG Images enabled, there will be a scene of a featured sim. Lately, being in the adventurous mood, I've been going to the first one that pops up, and I've landedin some pretty neat places. This particular night featured Ryu Valley, so I took it. I landed in a place where furries abound, in the Luskwood neighborhood. I'm not a furry, I'm a mythic, but it's not to far off, besides, when on an adventure, one must explore. So I did. I started out in the market place, of course. and as I waited for things to rez, I went to examine some of theitems for sale in Furryland as they finally came clear. One thing I noticed was a wolf avatar. It was well made, and there was a free Demo, so I took it and tried it on. I like they way it moved and I ran around the sim with it. even with the Blue word "demo" splashed on the side.

I ran around some more, and suddenly I spied something that made me stop and take notice. There was a volcano on the sim. I thought of my RL, and of the volcano in Iceland. I decided that if there were the old thematic gods of Greece, Rome, or Scandinavia, they would still exist and would probably want to be acknowledged, and so I made a little homage to Vulcan. Nothing grand, I must say. I bought the wolf avatar (which is even better than the demo, though a tad expensive, but an homage is an homage, is it not?) and I was a wolf for the rest of the evening. I growled and yipped and barked instead of talking. My friend MoRusty contacted me and I barked. He was a little confused, so I whined, and he decided to play along. I tpped him to the volcano and sat there staring at it and whining. I wanted him to understand my message, which was a pretty simple one: "My wife was stuck in Paris because of the volcano." MoRusty knew she was there, in a previous discussion, and the volcano was in the news, so I thought this would be pretty easy. I guessed wrong. he couldn't figure it out, as hard as he tried. So I tpped to an airport, (sorry can't remember which one right now) and tpped him there as well. I trotted about the hangar excitedly. Still he didn't quite get it. Then I tpped us to a sim called Paris 1900, which is actually a string of four sims, each with a Parisian name, and barked around underneath the Eiffel Tower (PS, I totally recommend these sims, they are very well made) until he gave up. I turned human again and explained what I had meant, and told himpoint blank what the message was. It seemed goldman's RPping was a little Rusty (This is a pun, btw.) and we spent the rest of the night talking about this n that.

It was a pretty good night. I hope Theresa is doing ok.

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