Sunday, November 8, 2009


Whoa, when I neglect something I really neglect it. The Mums are dried up, the dog is starving and there are no more clean dishes in the cupboards. and when was the last update? Hmm.. I remember the subject was Opacus and I getting partnered, I suppose I could give a little update on that. It's pure wonderfulness. The end.
Is probably the reason I have been neglecting things, too. I haven't done too much Rpping online, and haven't been very social, either. My RL is gearing up and I am online less often than before. What has happened is I would get online and not really have anyplace to go, or to see and would spend most of my time going through inventory. Whoopie. That is sarcasm. it is the exact opposite of Whoopie!, in fact there should be a punctuation mark invented just to show how not "Whoopie!" it is, the anti-exclamation mark. Whoopiei Yayi Hurrahi
I've been doing treasure hunts online. Make Him Over is having a sequel, and I'm halfheartedly doing that. I don't need more clothes and skins and stuff, I just like searching, and if I don't complete it all, that's ok. One of the past treasure hunts had a party afterwards, which I didn't know about until too late. I wonder if MHOH2 will. I think I'd go to that, I'll take off my antisocial hat and practice my woot woot.
Wooti Wooti
Opacus isn't spending too much time on Avilion, either. Apparantly there was a falling out when a key player decided to retire from SL and there was some miscommunication as to who the next leader was going to be, and some unpleasant exchanges were made between the combat classes and the owner of the sim. I don't feel I have enough information to explain this in great detail, so I'll just leave it at this. Sore feelings were had.
Morty has been keeping contact with me, and a few others as well.. Lenny and Daffyd, Tiffy, Del, Gaffer and frankie, and a few others. I met a new fella named Orion (sweet guy, I think he's single. I'm not though, if I were, I surely would try a little harder to attract his attentions) I don't see Rammy and Rico nearly as often as I'd like (hint hint, Rammy, I know you're reading this) but I do know they are busy with RL.
I haven't kept up with the blogroll either, so if there's fascinating news to be had from those I normally read, sorry guys, I'll try to catch up.
Not a grand post. no lofty thoughts or anything. I just moved a ton of flagstones to re-do my sidewalk, and so all my energies have been going into my back rather than into my brain, So if you're looking for something zen-like, well, you might have to read it again and plug your own zen-desire into some wordage I may have not intented. It's cool, I don't mind. I'll blog again, I'm sure. See ya around!

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Rammy said...

Hi Leigh!

Yeah I am reading this! Hope things go well and just remember to feel how good things can be, no matter what your brain tells you.

Or I guess to remember how much your brain can get charged up no matter how bad you feel - Yikes this doesn't even make any sense! I guess my convoluted point is that the brain and feelings are on different frequencies. Yikes - that doesn't exactly make sense either.

Well please disregard this comment because the whole thing sounds like I am a pleasantly off on some oddball journey.

But I hope you are doing well and in a good space.

Your friend Rammy