Monday, August 3, 2009

Light and Opaque

It wasn't prearranged. Opacus and I were hanging out. And it happened, quite organically.

First, some catch-up:

I've been doing some treasure hunts lately. Gridwide ones. I did the Make Him Over Hunt, and then the GLBT one, and the Just For The Guys one. Also casually picked up some other ones like the one with the magnifying glass and the one with the beachball. One sure way to expand your inventory like some treasure hunts. Most of it was good stuff, though. Don't remember which one it was, but one of the prizes was three sion eggs. Hadn't heard of this before, but I tried it out. Was absolutely thrilled to find out I had living chickies

Thing about these chickens is the need to eat. and they need to sleep and they need daylight and night light. My skybox is in chiaroscuro, as I mentioned before, which is a private sim owned by Greville Oh. And he had the sun fixed to daylight there, which to me didn't matter one way or the other.But now the chickens needed the sun unfixed in the sky, cause they went into status for four days in a row. So I contacted him and he said he'd do it, no problem.. So that was good.

Then I went to Colorado in RL vacation for a week, and asked Mortyian Emor to feed the chickens.. He'said he would, no problem. Thanks I said, and went on my merry way. I came back a week later, and found the chickens asleep in stasis. When Morty and Greville talked to me later, I found out what happened. Morty wasn't able to feed the chickens because the food kept disappearing due to auto-return. So he talked to Grev and Grev set the sun, because the chickens don't need food whent they are asleep. When I told him I was back from vacation, Greville unfixed the sun again.

Apparantly this didn't affect the chickens.. they were in stasis again for another 4 days. I decided that that was that. And so I bought a plot of mainland to raise the chickens. I have a premium account and had never claimed my land, so now was as good a time as any. I looked around the grid for a while, kinda seeing what was out the, when I realized that my friend Tiffy had some land and she had said that her and her neighbors were a really tight, friendly group who got along well. I liked the idea of knowing who the neighbors are and liking them, so I asked if there was any land nearby for sale, and yes there was. I am now neighbors with Tiffy Vella and her pet rhinocerous Ionesco. So I set up a tipi and chicken coop and a little pond and made a happy little home.

So yesterday I came online and was trying to clean up my inventory in Chiaroscuro, which is a never ending job with all these treasure hunt items. And I noticed Opacus was on. I called him up and said hello, and we had some pleasantries :) He reminded me that my chickens were almost out of food, so I rushed over to them and set up a bowl. He was waiting for me there. That taken care of, we tried to figure out what to do. I'd rather do stuff with Opacus than do stupid ol inventory any day.

We bounced around to several sims. got a free quilt and Bible, and went down a waterslide. He did some 7 seas fishing, which I never got into. and then bounced around some more, went to some lame freebies shop, and trying to figure out to do, I suggested we go to Jungle Wear, where at least we could figure it out in a decent shop. So we went there, and I bought myself some decent chest hair. Still couldn't figure out what to do, so I found a porch swing and he and I just sat on it for a while, enjoying each other's company.

We talked about this and that, little stuff and eventually we talked about bigger stuff. I asked him if he ever thought of partnering with me and he said he had, and I told him I had too. And I said I would like to do it with him and he wanted to too, and it got really swell and great and we got partnered right there on the spot! It wasn't prearranged at all.

We don't have any sort of ceremony planned. which isn't to say there won't be one, but we didn't plan any of this, just did it. I contacted Leniad to see if there was anywhere he would suggest we go to celebratw, and he suggested a pool party at Sweetgrass, and we went there.. It was loud and busy and I made an announcement in local chat to everyone, but it was soon drowned out by the Woot Woots, which was ok for me. The Dj or host kept calling me Light, apparantly not reading my name right. and I liked how that worked with Opacus' name, which derives from opaque.
So Light partners with Opaque this day of August 2, 2009.


SpAnKi said...

you are such a nice person Leigh. Loved this post. And congrats, I hope you will be very happy in your new partnership

Rammy said...

well i am so happy to hear this news - i wish both of you my congratulations.

Tiffy Vella said...

Congratulations and hugs to you both.(And it's so nice to have you as a neighbour, Leigh)