Friday, February 13, 2009

Feeling weird, and Gunthar

In every blog, I think I use the phrase "I feel weird about..." something or another. I feel weird about meeting new people. I feel weird about going to new places, I feel weird about associating with certain things. I just feel weird about everything.

So what, Leigh? you might ask (Ok, YOU might not ask, cause you're really nice, but the "you" in my head might ask this.) So what if you feel weird about going somewhere in a shiny rubber latex cat-suit. So what if you feel weird about stripping on stage? So what if you feel weird about following some soap opera that really doesn't make any sense? Get over your freaking self and just experience new things. That's why I'm on SL in the first place, isn't it? To do things that I never would think of doing in the RW, and do it anonymously.

Sorta anonymously. I have two accounts. I have Mr. Leigh Eel, who lives in a windmill in the sky and goes to clubs and meets sexy men and falls in love too easily. Leigh is living my gay lifestyle, and tries new things. I also have one alt, Gunthar. who I think I pulled out only about four times in the past year. I created him with a brand new email account so that I could try making money doing surveys and such, and then transfer the money to Leigh for his lavish lifestyle. What I learned almost right away is that is a bad idea! I spent so much time doing stupid surveys about dish detergent and Reese's Peanut butter cups, made maybe L$500 at the most, and got a mailbox stuffed full of spam. I stopped doing that. Recently I dusted Gunthar off and went inworld with him.

Leigh is sexy. He has great skin, a fine shape, and wears nice clothes. Gunthar is relatively nooblike. When I went online with him, he still had a freebie skin that looked blase and pale, home made clothes that looked like they were painted on and helmet hair. So I transferred a little money to him and got him a cheap but presentable skin, hair, outfit and ao. I've only contacted one friend, and befriended him, because I don't expect to use this account much ever. Maybe just on those few times when I really want to get away from Leigh's problems. Gunthar doesn't have much of a personality or history, because he doesn't get used often. But he still has the same typing problems.

I guess I didn't address the feeling of being weird, now did I? I think the reason I was thinking this in the first place was that I've noticed my SL activity outside of inworld. I started by reading Rammy's blog (found here) and then Igot interested in his friend's blogs, and that reached out to other areas. Now Leigh has his own myspace page and his own facebook page. And I started corresponding with Sl folk whom I've barely met (I don't think I've ever met JC in SL and he's one of my few facebook friends) and I'm following the Second Lives of people whom I've never met. And to me THAT's weird. But if they don't mind, I guess it's not really that big a deal. I love my friends, and wish them all well in everything they do, even if I do register pretty low on the radar.

So anyway. Happy Lincoln's birthday, Darwin's birthday, President's Day, Valentine's Day and Friday the 13th to everyone out there! That's weird. It's like the lesser known holiday season that you don't get time off for from work.

Also, Blogging news: I put up a new header on this blog, if you may have noticed. Or rather, I put one up, as there wasn't one before. It has the two clipart eels touching noses. What do you think? I'm not much of a graphics designer, so my blog isn't terribly snazzy. But I try.

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