Saturday, December 22, 2012


It's  December. Last post was in May. May/December.. hmmm seems like there's some sort of phrase about that.. hmm..

Anyway. Time marches forward and things evolve, in RL and in SL. While things evolve sometimes its so gradual that it seems not worth mentioning, and other times major life changing events occur which are definitely worth a note of some sort. This is no great revelation, it's more of a lead-in....

I don't like posting information on things that I don't care for. I don't talk about abortion rights, or gun control, or Lindsay Lohan's drunk driving, or whatever the hot political/entertainment topic of the day. Especially for a blog that I contribute to so infrequently, these topics get stale very quickly. And besides, it can be very wearing to make a statement and then be challenged on it by someone who has a strong voice and and opposing opinion.

Me: "I like oatmeal cookies with raisins"
Challenger:  "Don't you know that 83.4% of all oatmeal/raisin cookies are made with bad bad bad palm oil. Every oatmeal/raisin cookie kills 3.2 orangutangs in Borneo..."


So yeah, I usually don't even bother to mention it.

My appearance on SL has been very muchly less frequent than in the past, and there are some consequences from it that I've noticed. A while back I would log in every night for a good 6-8 hours and my socail life was actually pretty full.I'd have someone to talk to each night, or some event I'd attend (my favorites are the hunts, but I also liked going to clubs periodically) or I'd just go out and explore the Virtual World. Now I' log in maybe three nights a week and usually for less than 2 hours. and I find very little to do. It's hard to keep up with a hunt, standby friends aren't necessarily on at the same time. I don't get so many notifications on club events, so it's a crap shoot on them. So I usually just explore, but with my limited time, I don't really delve into any particular place and discover the beautiful gems to be found on good sims.

So SL has turned a little beige on me, which is sad. But it's not heart-wrenchingly so. In fact, you take the bad with the good. Before, I may have had an active SL, but my RL suffered for it, as I tended to ignore what was happening in the Real World. That's not really a good thing.  Now it's more balanced. but I do miss the glitter and glamour of an active SL. It's like Broadway, i think. I've never been to Broadway, but I keep hearing good things about it about how wonderous and magical it is. I think that if I were to go to Broadway it would be hugely disappointing for me. Because I've been places tat have been amped up in reputation, when I go, it often doesn't meet my expectations.

I don't care for cookies with walnuts. There's something about the tannins in the oil of walnuts that make me gag. Too bitter for me. Also the guilt of passively killing orangutangs with each bite.

In May, I finally divorced my wife, and we are both better off for that, i think. Though i haven't moved out yet, and her new boyfriend moved in. It's not great on my self-worth, let me tell you. but I can't afford to move out on my own yet, and the efect on my self worth is pretty minimal, when placed next to the practical "living in a refrigerator box" scenario that I envision waiting for me when I pass the threshold. .I weighed the options and this one's not so bad. I still get to see my kids on a daily basis.

In August I got a new job. I was working at Micheal's Distribution Center, unloading trucks. It was alright, not terribly creative, but good solid work, and I got paid well enough, considering. The new job is more in line with what i had been doing before, and on the right track to get my career going.It's at a local zoo, building exhibits. However, I'm finding I am not satisfied there. I could go into a great deal of depth on this one, which would pull from all parts of my life, and be a full blog posting by itself. Point is, it's a job, but it's not the job I'm seeking. but it is a job, and an improvement from the last one.And until I find that elusive "me" job, I'm there.

Regarding Steve from the last post. I don't know what's going on. I so could form a lasting long realtionship with him so easily. Problem is he's in Oregon and I'm in Pennsylvania, and neither of us have the resources to lessen that distance. It makes me sad and frustrated. I don't make friends eaisly, and so far sice I've moved to PA, I haven't really made any friends, much less gone on any dates. It's not easy for me, becasue I have such a sour outlook on life, and that's not really too appealing to people.

Well that blog post ended badly. Only thing I can think of that would make it better would be some cookies.


GreggerMan said...

I certainly hope you are able to have a much better 2013, Leigh. I can truly empathize with your dilemmas. Life shouldn't be something we merely get through or survive. We ought to have the ability to embrace and enjoy it instead. I know how difficult that can be. May we both find some semblance of happiness or at least contentment in the coming year.

Merry Christmas! Greg AKA Centaureg

Leigh Eel said...

I hope so too. Better winds prevail, or however that saying goes. It's just too bad that all my blog posts seem to be downers, I'm giving the wrong impression of my outlook. I suppose it's because when i am down, writing seems to help me work out my frustrations and such. Things aren't so bad.