Thursday, October 7, 2010

Not what you may have expected.

Didn't go inworld again. Am having some problems connecting to SL lately. Not internet-connecting, but like soul-connecting. When I started, long time ago, I was in discovery mode. I was a hobo noob, and everything was so fresh and shiny. Then I stopped for a few months, and then gave it another shot (I blogged about that before May 22nd's entry), and it was like a rejuvenation. Of course, that rejuvenation was connected to my RL's changes, and SL was right for me at the time. It was needed. Things change like they always do, and there was a previous time when I didn't feel a need for SL, but I kept at it, and eventually it became a part of my scheduled habits. That's fine. I wasn't obsessed with it anymore, but it was just something I did. Some people watch TV, some people read books (I understand there are still people who read books), I played SL. No big deal.
Lately though, I've been kinda bored with it. I'm having a hard time finding paths of discovery there, and that was the splice of SL for me. It became a glorified chat room, where the same people came on and did the same things and talked about the same stuff and it was always the same.
I do have an issue that I am avoiding. And maybe that's why I'm hesitant to log in. It has to do with Opacus, my partner, and I don't know if I should delve into this issue here before I talk with him. I have to admit that I have been avoiding him, and checking to see if he's online before I log in. I don't want to say anything here, because what if he reads this and finds out this way rather than me talking with him direct. Also, I don't think that the topic is suitable for a blog like this. Rather personal, you know.
Yes. definitely. There's an elephant in the room and this is it. Must talk with him and clear this up. I hate confrontations, but this I must do.

Crap.. sucky blog entry. Sorry folks. Move along... here's a anatomical picture of the torso muscles. Blarg.


Rammy said...

Hello Leigh!

I was just floating along and now here is a sucky comment. Since I have said that it is a "sucky" comment I am now liberated from attempting to sound smart - which is a great liberation as I guess a lot of artists know. Anyway people are always very interesting and complicated. My theory is that best way to live is to be naked. We all start out that way anyway. Hope things are going well or if not will go well in the future.

Your friend - Rammy

Jordyn Carnell said...

Hi again..

I am always intrigued by what you'll write next.. inspired that you allow yourself to think out loud.

I don't think there are any answers.. and most things are boring.. if we're in a state of mind to become bored by them. When we're looking for the interesting we usually find it.

A good blog.. or conversation.. is a little like a good stripper. They don't need to reveal everything to keep us entertained and coming back.

I like what you share.. and I respect what you don't. It's your blog.

Leigh Eel said...

Well thanks to both of you for taking time to comment, much less read! I must admit that I haven't been making too many comments on anybody's blogs. Just haven't been feeling very responsive lately. I'll get to it :) Seriously, thanks. It means a lot.