Friday, April 3, 2009

Always Forgetting the Title

okay, I've put it off from two blogs now.. I have a picture of my centaurian armor. Drum roll.....
In this pick I have my bow. Recently I also bought an huge double- handed sword. Have been practicing with Opacus at his home, and at Seven Islands with both the bow and the sword. I've always been a pretty good shot with the bow, and tested myself by shooting at 45 meters, which is pretty far. Unfortuneately I didn't keep score, but I did pretty good. The swordplay was new to me, and I wound up getting hit more times than hitting (it seemed). but after a while I think I got the hang of it. Still pretty green with the sword, though. Practice practice practice!

Opacus and I are really getting along fantastically, I can't believe how lucky I am to have met him! He is a greeter at Avilion, and even though I have to put a shirt on, no one has yet told me to hide my privates, (which I like to call my publics, lol). He's sweet and kind and cute and strong and imaginative and sensitive and sensible and has a great sense of humor and adventure and style and perspective.

/me smiles and is at peace.

Here's a pic of him at his post in Avilion:You can see why I'm so infatuated, right?

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