Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Return...

I haven't been to many clubs of late. A couple here and there, but not much. Lately I've re-established some ties to my fantasy roots some. For the past week I'vebeen making armor for my centaur, and I've visited Farhaven and Avilion and Glimmer. I've been hanging out more in Chiaroscuro as well. I've rediscovered my spellfire bow, and have even thought about dusting off my old wand.

Not really sure why we do what we do, but here's a hint for mine: cute li'l blonde fae named Opacus. I met him on Chiaro maybe three weeks ago, when Iwas hanging out with a few friends. He just walked up in his gorgeous deep blue skin (from Fallen Gods, not that I'm endorsing them or anything, just if you wanted a reference.) He was so kind and sweet and unpresuming. THAT's the kinda guy for me. Not pushy in the least. Each night I've been looking to seeing him more than the next night. THAT must mean something, eh? And when I found out he was based in Avilion, I had to do some thinking: How was I to get to Avilion?

Avilion is for serious RPpers. I am not into serious RPing. I like to play with my persona, but I don't like a lot of the rules that are imposed on Rping. Like dress codes. ick.. In Avilion, everyone must wear a shirt. Uh.. ok.. I'm a satyr or a centaur, most of the time, and they don't wear clothes. But read the rules... Crap,, so I've been centaur and I put on a medieval type shirt. Looked stupid, felt constraining.. Tried another one. Nah.. I couldn't get it. So, I thought about the Narnia movies, and remembered the centaurs in those often wore armor. Hey, that'd work ok. so I went to building armor. (I'm not done.. hopefully sometime this week I'll be finished. I'll take a pic). I also went searching in some of the medieval shops for a decent shirt to wear under the armor.. I finally found one, but the polace was so laggy that I wound up buying two sets because my comp froze right after I clicked "buy" and I was so frustrated I hit the "buy" button again. Grr... fortunately it wasn't too expensive. But since I wasn't done with the armor, Opacus and I went to Avilion he in his fae outfit and me assatyr with (grr..) a shirt and pants on. I felt like a kid on school picture day, tugging on my collar and itching my pants. But I wanted to visit his home, so I did it.

Avilion is beautiful. There are many hidden corners and wide open spaces. Very romantic place. And active too. There was a drum circle going on at the time, but we avoided that,as there were some niches that Opac wanted to show me. I'll go again, I'm sure, and I want to show off my centaur armor, for def.

When does someone decide when the person they are with is the one they want to be with? I really want to know. I wasn't really looking to hitch up with anyone, but I do know I want to spend more time with Opacus.

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A. Starostin said...

Mebbie someday I will try some RP... but, I hate rules too! *hugs* :)