Thursday, December 25, 2008

Leigh Loves Rico

Today is Christmas. It has been a topsy turvy month for me, and yet eventful. I suppose it's the events that make it topsy turvy. Yeah, okay, sounds good.

I have been hanging out at Tiger's Isle on Arizona Ocean quite a bit. I like that crowd, they are very friendly and accepting. There has been themed dances every Tuesday and Thursday, and I had come to look forward to them. I have always had a uncomfortable feeling around a lot of people, but there I felt at ease. It probably has a lot to do with my good friend Rammy Urriah, for he introduced me to the wonderful people there. It wasthere that I expanded myself as a person, taking some crazy risks and being willing to make a fool of myself, because, after all, why the hell not?

One of the foolish things I did was enter in a stripping contest. I've gone to dances before and dropped to below skivvy degrees Fahrenheit before, but never on a stage with people watching.

Oh, god, was I nervous! I drank about four beers beforehand, and that helped a bit, but then I was nervous and tipsy. I totally forgot to play to the crowd, which I didn't realize until the transcript was posted on another blog. Plus I didn't have any music picked out, but Rickie the DJ helped me out with that one, and Franzi let me use his chimera because my moves wereall mashed up. Oh well.. I think I had a great theme though, as a cowboy, and I had fun, which was the most important thing for me. Or perhaps surviving it was the best thing.. I won a consolation prize of $500, which I totally didn't expect, because there were some good strippers there.

Another little event which started pretty innocuous was i heard a particular song at Premier Evolution. DJ Ars was spinning, I believe, and he played something that had AnnieLennox crossed with I think it was Depeche Mode (I forget exactly). I fell in love with that sound and i asked who did it. It was a DJ in San Fransisco named DJ Earworm. I wentto his website (, btw and listened to every single one of his mashups. I followed the links to other mashup artists, and voila! my passion for music was renewed! The last time my music listening experienced a quantum leap was when I first logged onto Previously to that it was watching Moulin Rouge. Excellent, excellent! I have a feeling this groove willcontinue, which makes me very happy.

So after the stripping contest (yes I know I'm jumping about a bit), I agreed to participate in a kissing auction for the benefit of Chiaroscuro, my home sim. That happened last week. Yes I was nervous about it too, but after the stripping, I felt much better about it. Besides, many ofmy friends were doing the same, Taurin, Rammy, Greville himself, Shuggy, oh, I would have to read my note to find out who all was participating. (will check later when I login).

That Saturday I had it all set up. I cleared the house, so I would be alone, with no disturbances. I had been having a hit-or-miss relationship with SL and lagging, so I prepared early. Usually I have some pretty bad lag for about a half hour while I load, and then things are okay. Well it took forever to load that day! even after the party it was still slow. I was prepared in my red/green fae avatar, a pic of which I will try to add in this blog. As the couple hours before the event grew on, I met up with Taurin and we supported each other, we were both nervous, and we kissed each other to prepare ourselves. Soon it was time to show up for the auction. Shay Sunnyside was the auctioneer. and who should show up but me BF, Rico! He contacted me and asked what the theme was, and I said christmasy, snow and ice, so forth. He came as the IceFairy. I hugged and kissed him for free, and we danced together. I hadn't seen much of him recently and so I was missing my boi fae. Then TigernaughtC2x showed up, and I was a little nervous about that (more about that later, I promise.. he's a really nice guy), whom I hadn't seen for quite a while. The auction started well. I was I think third up, maybe fourth, maybe fifth, don't remember, was chatting with Rico most of the time. He clued me in right before bidding on me began. He said it would be his last hurrah with me. I said (and this is a quote) "...?", to which he said that we would be breaking up...

I knew this would happen eventually. His RL has demanded so much time from him, and he started seeing someone in RL, and I have been spending much of my online time without him... before we were practically inseparable. Lately I have been doing many things on my own, like going to Tiger's Island and other things. I was starting to feel almost abandoned at one point, and had almost brought it up to him one of the times he did come online..But that magic fae melted my heart all over each time I saw him and I could never do that to him when I was with him.

But he let me go, and then bidding began on me.. 500, 600, 700, 1000. From nowhere, TigerC2x bid 3000! I was surprised by this. And then Rico said something that shocked me..10,000 Lindens! I was flabbergasted! This man knows exactly how to silence me. I started to cry in RL, because I do love him. He won the kiss and he won my everlasting love and respect and I will always care for him, even if I am not his boyfriend. Leigh loves Rico in a MB way.


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