Monday, October 27, 2008

Single Step

This is my first blog.. Yippee!

I'm not good at blogging, I tend to ramble and go in different directions. I've read other people's blogs and some people do that as well, and then there are others who seem to be very specific about what they have to say. I also have a lot to figure out as far as posting pics and so forth.. I'm none too savvy about blogging, so don't go away from this thinking "That really sucked, he didn't say anything," because I already know that.

My name is Leigh Eel. I live in Chiaroscuro. I'm a Virgo, born August 31, though my creator is a Gemini (creator says "hello!). At home I am usually a satyr, but when I go out I'm human. Every once in a while you'll catch me in my original centaur form. I live in a windmill, and always have a campfire going on. You're always welcome to hang out with me, or hang out without me, which ever makes you more comfortable.

I'm pretty serious about a little blue fairy with an fairly expensive name: Ricardito Castaignede (I spelled it right for once!) Not to long ago he fell under a curse and can't stop changing. sometimes he's golden (tastes like butterscotch) or glassy or firey or whatnot. He seems to be taking this in good humor, and does not appear to be looking for a cure.

I like to build things in SL and I think I have a certain flair for it. I'd show off just about anything. I do have a problem getting over the mysteries of scripting... for some reason it doesn't make sense to me, but I'll get it when it's time. I tried to do some animations too, but they flopped like a dying carp.

I like cupcakes. They're so personal.

Ummmm..... that's it for now. I'm going to try to post a pic of me here, we'll see if it works...


Jordyn Carnell said...

Leigh.. you are a fine blogger.. the key is to write like there is a person behind the keyboard.. and you do that!

(I know that sounds funny "person behind the keyboard" and all, but it's true! Some people write so impersonally!)

Leigh Eel said...

o thanks.. my problem with these things is I never know when to shut up!